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Clip Art Sources:
1: Coffee in Cup:
2: Girl & Puppy in Bed: Neda Sadreddin ID 127639259
3: Coffee Beans Grinding: D.Kvasnetskyy/Shutterstock.
4: Faucet Water into Kettle: Adobe Stock.
5: Kettle Boiling: Shutterstock. Aleskangel. Stock Vector ID: 368825264
6: Choo Choo Train: YouTube. Choo Choo Train Kids Videos
7: Hand Drops Cofee Beans: Vecteezy
8: Kettle Water Poured: WikiHow.
9: Coffee Machine:
10: Mom Bustles: Deposit Photos. Click 60.

Sound Effects:; SoundCloud; Sound Stripe; SoundLibrary; Motion Array

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