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“A Piano with a View” is the maiden story, launching the Instruments with a View book series. The IWAV series comprises fanciful stories featuring instruments from a variety of cultures, contexts and time periods. Comprising dozens of titles, included but not limited to those listed below, the IWAV series incorporates positive, universal themes and contexts that educate, encourage, expose, entertain, enrich and empower young readers.

Titles in the IWAV Series

A Piano with a View                                A Violin with a View

A Clarinet with a View                           A French Horn with a View

A Ukulele with a View                            A Jaw Harp with a View

A Harmonica with a View                      A Piccolo with a View

A Saxophone with a View                      A Trumpet with a View

A Guitar with a View                              A Sanza with a View

An Accordion with a View                     A Sheng with a View

A Bagpipe with a View                           A Shakuhachi with a View

An Oboe with a View                              A Snare Drum with a View

A Cello with a View                                A Timpani with a View

A Djembe with a View                           A Tuba with a View

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