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"A Piano with a View" features themes of music, music education, family, love, humor and happiness. The universality of these themes makes this special book attractive to children around the world. The story is designed to be timeless and to appeal to a global readership.

While this book is slated to become a favorite of young musicians, its lessons in life, love, encouragement, diligence and dedication to one's passion are intended to inspire all young readers - as well as all readers who are yet young at heart. 

Among our target consumer bases across North America, Africa, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia, we are particularly excited to market this book in the country of South Korea, where our qualitative and quantitative market data reflect that the piano is a popular and familiar instrument many children enjoy learning to play.

We believe "A Piano with a View" to be a strong match with the current children's content in your published catalogue. And in addition to becoming popular with your current readers, we anticipate that this beautiful book will further enlarge your readership around the world.


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