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Executive Summary: Work in progress on SOSN Season 1.



Next Zoom: - September 7 

1Past Meeting Details

2: Next Zoom Discussion - July 20th 5p-7p 

3: Agenda/Timeline Forward

4: C&C - Productions

5: 6D Brand

6: Production & Operation Notes

7: Finance & Technology Notes

8:  6D Community Initiatives

1: Past Meeting Details

June 8th Zoom Meet 5p-7p CST  

Attendees: Denise Smolarek; Lennie 

I: Discussion for Executive Team:

          A: Originality: SOSN first drama-sitcom hybrid format

          B: Program Length: Between 45m - 65m (variable lengths per episode)

          C: Target Audience: Universal - Those who wish to enjoy a moderately intellectually


               stimulating/engaging program with substantive underlying premises - yet simultaneously


               view a comfortable, relaxing program that doesn't demand too much attention to detail.


           D: Characters: Johann [Possibly German via Turkish descent] "Modern" Immigration of leisure


              & preference rather than  necessity. Accent distinctly German, but authentic & natural.


              Brings a cultural practicality to juxtapose American animation & whimsicality *Summary


              notes on a few characters can be found at the end of the SOSN Pilot Concept Script.

           E: Brand Integration:  Coordinated agenda between Finance & Creative (Potential Brand


               Alliances: Radio Station (s); Tourist Sites (e.g. Navy Pier; Museums; Galleries); City of


               Chicago/Tourism; Chicago Business Networks; Restaurants; Bars; Stores; Commercial Sites;


               Residential Sites; Charity; Etc. [By Episode/Season/Series]

           F: Target Purchaser


II: Programs Compared & Contrasted with SOSN

          A: Ted Lasso - Broader story arc of family trauma i) lending both premise & depth to


               scenes/contexts; ii) "excusing" & even complementing certain points of otherwise raw,   


               distasteful or non-PC humor/dialogue/perceptions; Each season different (DTS prefers 


               Season 1); Characters so deeply & thoroughly fleshed out that program is approachable for


               non-sports viewers

          B: Gilmore Girls - Witty banter; stimulating pace & rhythm; humorous (not necessary to catch


               every joke); Works because characters are intelligent, sincere & so relationships ring true

          C: That 70's Show - Period Piece; Suspension of reality but within context & rules; has integrity


          D: Are You Being Served

          E: Golden Girls


          F:  Frasier - Significance of "Straight Man" role(s); 

          G:  Keeping Up Appearances


III: SOSN Pilot Script Notes

          A: Are streaming vs. Network TV audiences open to new drama-sitcom hybrid format or is


                tried & true preferable?  


          B: Jokes can be more fresh & original.


          C: Script should not "chase jokes"/Develop calmer more anchoring/establishing



          D: Constricted by formatting vs. a nod to classic sitcom structure/format?

          E: Does radio personality misogyny read as outdated? Acceptable as building premise for


               future plot development with this character?

          F: Include more build-up to Emily being fed up & quitting job.

          G: Include more realistic premise/context for store Inventory (Add lines making the following


                more explicit)


                       i: Emily's Nanna had large antique collection that Emily inherited but never


                        'accessed'/'claimed'. Emily has some of her own pieces. Mother Margret has some


                       "legitimately obtained??" pieces (Joke: Or knows where to find some quick). Louise


                       used to be an antique book dealer, and has thousands of original/vintage prints. Chip's


                       uncle had an antique store & has plenty of "inventory" as does Chip by way of his


                       enormous antique coin, baseball card & comic book collection. Peters has some


                       antique art & Mariah (and her parents) have large collection of antique jewelry. 

IV:  Production/Operations

          A: Navy Pier Substitutions


          B: Intimacy Coordinator

V:    Potential Casting

          A: Emily - Vivian Lee


          B:Yolanda - Loes Vanden Eynde?


          C: Margret - [Flexible/Dancer/Athletic]

          D: Jamieson - [Haughtiness; Aloof from family (but still a solid husband/father)


          E: Ollie -  [Girl or Boy; Casting/Directing/Actor displays character is bright enough to know 


               not to let cat out of bag regarding drinking champagne & driving with father, but haughty 


               enough to feel that he/she can manage the fall out from mom at this point & so can speak


              freely of the champagne/driving - Jamieson's own haughtiness adapted in his child comes


              back to bite him...] 

                    J. Brixton 


                   Caleb Green

          F: WKSCRP - (Actual Radio Personality?/Brand Integration with Radio Station?)

          G: Jeff - Jeff A Smith?

          H: Brynn - Brynn Beveridge?

          I: Peters - Robert Rensin?

          J: Herbert: (A Non-Actor that I met?)  

          K:  _______ - Julie Mitre (Recurring Character? One-time Appearance? Ambience Cast?)

June 15th Zoom Meet 6p-7p CST 

Attendees: Denise Smolarek; Lennie 

I: Current socio-political climate

          A: misogyny modernized

II: Antique Stores as home anchor

          A: informally multi-purposed as a socialized hangout-"home"

June 22nd: Zoom 5p-7p CST 

Attendees: Denise Smolarek; Lennie 

I: Review of Episode 1 Concept Script

June 29th: Zoom 5p-7p CST 

Attendees: Denise Smolarek; Lennie 

I: Review of Episode 1 Concept Script

          A: SOSN Hybrid Concept   
                   i: Benefits; Challenges; Viability of format implementation; Approach to directing in                               hybrid format; Why Hybrid format?; How does the Hybrid format work?; Why                                   present SOSN in Hybrid format?; Hybrid format applied to both pilot & successive                             episodes; Importance/Significance/Necessity of Hybrid format? New/Distinct?; Must                          Hybrid format be employed for newness?For differentiation?; How will Hybrid format                        improve the story-telling and engage viewers better? 

II: Discussion of Sven Brogen as Potential Gaffer

III: Work to begin on re-edit of 30-second Concept Teaser for Funding Pitch

July 6th: Zoom 5p-7p CST 

Attendees: Denise Smolarek; Lennie 

I: Discussion of SOSN 30-second Concept Teaser for funding pitch deck

II: Discussion of Potential Line Producer & potential line production team

III: Discussion of potential SOSN lead actor for character of "Emily". Current top choice: Vivian Lee (

IV: General SOSN & 6D matters

July 20th Zoom Meet 5p-7p CST  

Attendees: Denise Smolarek; Lennie 

July 26th Zoom Meet 6p-7p CST  

Topic: Line Production

Attendees: Denise Smolarek; Lennie;  

July 27th Zoom Meet 5p-7p CST  

Attendees: Denise Smolarek; Lennie;  

I: Discussion of Line Production

II: SOSN Concept Teaser.

III: General SOSN & 6D matters

August 27th Zoom Meet 5p-7p CST  

Attendees: Denise Smolarek; Lennie;  

August 31st Zoom Meet 5p-530p CST  

Attendees: Denise Smolarek; Lennie; Kate Shubert; Vivian Lee

I: Emily & Louise Audition

August 31st Zoom Meet 530p-7p CST  

Attendees: Denise Smolarek; Lennie; Kate Shubert; Keith Dunford

Interview of Line Producers

2: Next Zoom Discussion - Sept 7

Sept 7

3: Agenda/Timeline Forward

Sept 7 

4C&C - Productions

          A: SOSN

               i: SOSN THEMES 

                    a: Love & Family: Biological, Adoptive, “Friend” Families, Etc.

                    b:Human Variety & Interfaces
                    c:Value of (Some)things Old & New

                    d: Dating & Marriage

                    e: Flaws & Redemption

                    f: Chicago > Global

5: 6D Brand


6: Production/Operations Notes 
I. Cast/Casting Director – Cast Scheduling (Table Reads, Rehearsals, Filming; Travel;

             Wardrobe – HAMU (Hair & Make-Up) Tests/Fittings

II: Crew: Invite Sven Brogen/Worked on SOSN 4C Promo

III: Cast & Crew Sources

              A: Backstage

             B: Production Hub

             C: Mandy

             D: 4C

             E: Personal Networks

IV: Pre-Production

            A: Location Scouts

            B: Actors 

                   i: Search & Outreach

                   ii: Auditions

                   iii: Scripts/Sides/Call Sheets 

                   iv: Zoom Calls/Table Reads

                   v: Rehearsals

                   vi: Wardrobe Fittings/Dress Rehearsals

                   vii: Travel-Transportation/Accommodation/Accessibility/Craft Arrangements

                   viii: HAMU/Wardrobe - Filming

          C: Legal/Permits/Insurance

V: Production Timeline (Organization & Efficiency) 

             A: Resources

                  i: StudioBinder

             B: B-Roll

VI: Locations

          A: Chicago/Other Cities/Areas

          B: Navy Pier Alternatives

                  i: DuPage County/Fox River [with establishing shots at Navy Pier]

                   ii: Lincoln Park 

                   iii: Washington Park

                   iv: Grant Park

                   v: Other

          C: Emily & Johann’s Apartment

          D: Emily’s Former Corporate Office
                   i: Aon Center (Potential for Long-Term future filming arrangements)
          E: Chicago Pubs/Bars

          F: Owners: Discuss 6D Brand & Pros of Collaborating with Us

                  i: Pitch Meeting (PPT)

                  ii: Location: Tourist attraction; Meet & greet events

VII:  Craft Services
   A: Potential Business/Funding Relationships

   B: Allergies/On-Site RN?
   C: *Baked Goods/Sweets/Chocolates
        i: On-Site Filming Craft Tables
        ii: Meet & Greet Events
        iii: In-Person Investor Meetings
        iv: In-Person Executive Meetings (Globally)

7: Finance/Technology Notes 
I: Funding Source(s)
   A: Brand Integration/Innovative Approaches

   B: Debt Financing
: Equity Financing - Film/Industry Competent Investors

   D: High Net Worth Individuals


8: 6D Community Initiatives

             A: Community Support & Engagement Opportunities

             B: Paying It Forward Initiatives




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